Spring into a more Beautiful You!

Bare Beauty is now offering the innovative Brow Treatment-
What is Microblading?
Microblading is very gentle on the skin. A tattoo procedure that simulates the brow hair pattern, is a great choice for those clients who do not want the commitment of a heavy permanent eyebrow but instead, would enjoy the benefits of a brow that can be modified as time passes by.
 Who can Benefit?
Anyone wanting a new shape or tired of filling in their brows
Botched tattooed brows
Clients who have lost their brows due to:
medical trauma
over tweezing/waxing
thinning brows
Does it Hurt?
Clients experience minimal to no discomfort during the treatment process.

How Long Will it Last?
It can last from six months to a year and a half period. After the microbladed eyebrows have faded, a color refreshment is suggested and there is no limit as to how many treatments can be done.
Introductory Offer* 
$299 for a complete treatment
($400 value)
(includes first and touch-up treatment)

*Restrictions may apply