At Bare Beauty Skin MedSpa, established in 2013, we take pride that we have over 30 years combined experience in the Cosmetic Medical and Salon/Spa field. It is our goal to provide an individualized approach, based on each client’s concerns, followed by a thorough skin analysis and developing a mutually agreed upon treatment plan.

We want for you to be comfortable going Bare, exude more confidence and emit the essence of your Beauty. Less camouflage, less makeup, less hassle. The Bare you, will be the Better you.


CEO | Owner & Operator

Founded Bare Beauty Skin in 2013. Wisconsin State Licensed Aesthetician. Graduated in 2000 from The Skin Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Began her career working for one of Milwaukee’s top salons, Erik of Norway. She later branched out into areas of the Medical Field of Aesthetics, working for top plastic surgeons in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas, while holding job titles of Clinical Director, Lead Aesthetician, and Surgical Coordinator. Stacy is certified in several medical skincare lines and aesthetic procedures.



Danielle, whom also goes by, Dani, was born in Chicago and raised in Appleton, WI. She moved to Milwaukee, WI to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing and psychology. After exploring the field and encountering many difficult emotions, she moved into what she considered her true calling. The world of beauty was a simple transition, based upon her natural knack and strong understanding of the human body amongst light, color, and form. After continued makeup education and training, this passion combined with precise application, a steady hand and attention to detail, Dani’s flawless makeup results quickly got her noticed.

After excelling with makeup rather quickly, and New York Fashion Week under her belt, it left her wanting more. She returned to school at the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, in 2015 for a full cosmetology and esthetics degree and graduated at the top of her class. “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” she says. Upon graduation, she added lash extensions and medical esthetics to her certifications


Medical Aesthetician

Heather Franceschi has been with Bare Beauty since our opening in 2013. She graduated from The Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee and has over 15 years of experience as an aesthetician. She has always gravitated towards skincare and the beauty industry in general but was inspired by her daughter, Stacy, who is an experienced medical aesthetician. “I saw the results from just a few treatments with her and the difference using medical grade products made and I wanted to be a part of that. Because I started my career later in life, I used that as motivation to study and learn everything I could to be able to offer my clients the best services and results possible.” Heather’s experience has been solely in medical aesthetics, focusing on laser hair removal, skin tightening and rejuvenation. Her love for meeting new people paired with her communication and people skills is why she chose this field and strives to help her clients achieve their skincare goals, whatever they may be.


Medical Aesthetician

everyone brings here has inspired her and my clients and has brought a fresh new perspective.

Wanting to fill her creativity even more she went to IBW Aveda institute and graduated in Aesthetics! She is now licensed in Microblading, lash extensions, facials, waxing and so much more!


Medical Aesthetician

Bianka is a Wisconsin state licensed aesthetician. She is fluent in Spanish. She graduated from Empire Beauty School and holds several certifications for advanced skincare. Her love for
skincare began in her teenage years and was inspired by the desire to feel confident about her skin without wearing makeup. This jump started her passion for researching skincare treatments and products that would deliver desired results. She now wants to share this passion with her
clients and assist them in achieving their skincare goals.


Medical Aesthetician/Lash Artist

Nadia attended The Institute of Beauty and Wellness for aesthetics and became a Wisconsin State Licensed Aesthetician in 2021. During that time, she also obtained her eyelash extension certification and is a talented lash artist. Her interest and passion in the beauty industry began at an early age, gaining interest and focus on how to obtain healthy skin and promote inner confidence. The more knowledge she gained, the more she felt inspired to share that knowledge, and decided to pursue a career in aesthetics.  Nadia is focused on continued education and has obtained multiple certifications in Hydrafacials, various chemical peels, microneedling and more, as it is important for her to offer her clients the newest and latest techniques in skincare.   Her goal is to provide quality skin treatments, knowledge of skincare, and various regimens to meet individual goals. For those clients searching for a bilingual speaking aesthetician, Nadia speaks fluent Spanish.


Massage Therapist

Angela Krause has been practicing massage therapy and bodywork for 27 years.  Her massage sessions utilize well known techniques such as Swedish and Sports massage, Deep Tissue massage and Reflexology.  She also incorporates other more subtle modalities such Cranial Sacral therapy, Reiki, Movement therapy and many more.   

Aside from studying and practicing bodywork, Angela also holds a degree in Nutrition from the University of Madison, WI and has completed course work in Exercise Physiology from the University of New Mexico. Her love of exercise has led her to compete in cycling events such as The Tour de Tucson and The Aids Ride, as well as completing two marathons in Anchorage, Alaska.  She has also volunteered at multiple sporting events, providing massage therapy to participants after their races.  Because of these experiences, she brings first-hand knowledge of where an athlete/exerciser may hold tension or have pain in their body, and how to tend to these issues. 

Angela’s years of bodywork education and practice, as well as her life experiences, all contribute to her skill in giving you a unique/tailored-to-you massage.  She takes the time to get to know you before she puts her hands on you.  And then she “lets her hands figure it out”. 

Your massage will be one that is geared to you and your needs for that particular time.  Some days you might need more intense bodywork.  Other days you may need a gentler experience.  You will leave the massage table feeling relaxed, yet rejuvenated, and very well cared for! 


Registered Nurse/Certified Aesthetic Injector

Analise was born and raised in Michigan. She came to Milwaukee in 2014 to attend Marquette University’s nursing program. In 2018 she obtained her bachelors degree in Nursing. For the past 5 years she has been a medical surgical nurse, postpartum nurse and pediatric nurse. She finally found her calling a year ago when she switched to the aesthetic field. She has always liked to make people feel their best on the inside and for a lot of people that starts on the outside. She is here to help harmonize and balance through neurotoxins and filler. She will work with you to achieve the results you desire.

She would love to be able to help you achieve the goals you’ve always wanted. 


Medical Aesthetician/Lash Artist

Jaden is a Wisconsin State Licensed Esthetician and Certified Lash Artist. Jaden attended VICI Beauty School where she received her License for Esthiology Science and then went on to get various certifications for advanced aesthetics. Some of Jaden’s top favorite services to offer are eyelash extensions, brow services, facials, and body waxing. Her passion for health and beauty started in her teenage years providing friends and family members with makeup applications and skincare advice.  Jaden’s outlook on beauty and wellness is you look good, you feel good! Her goal is to help others feel confident starting with healthy, beautiful skin. She has a strong determination to help you achieve your skin and beauty goals, and she cannot wait to see you in her treatment room! 

Meet Our Medical Director

Bare Beauty Skin works in association with Mequon Wellness Center. Primary Care Physician, CEO/Founder, Dr. Richard Lewis acts as medical director for all of their medical services.

We are proud of the on-going collaboration with the exceptional team at Mequon Wellness Center. It allows us to continually expand upon the services we each provide. We look forward to the exciting future together, while providing the best care possible to keep you looking and feeling beautiful!

My goal for developing Mequon Wellness Center is to develop a primary care clinic where both the patient and the doctor are able to develop long-term, trusting relationships and as a result, deliver excellent care​.

I graduated residency in 1997 and took a position with a physician-owned clinic to develop a Family Practice Department at a newly opened satellite in Hartford, Wisconsin. From outset, my practice flourished. Building a practice, providing quality patient care, and developing my skills as a Family Physician were all personally enriching. I learned more about taking care of people during the first 5 years of practice than my entire 4 years in medical school and 3 years of residency. In addition, I have earned Board Certifications in both Urgent Care and Family Practice.

There are a few extremely important aspects of caring for people that I consider non-negotiable. 1. A doctor needs to be easily accessible to the patient. 2. A doctor must be able to see the patient when they are both healthy and sick. 3. A doctor must be able to take his/her time when caring for another human being. Take away any of these, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician.

Each of these elements is based upon fostering an authentic provider/patient relationship – one in which the physician has the time to appreciate the patient as a unique human person – and is aware of the complexities of each individual’s situation. Take away any of these non-negotiable elements, and I could no longer care for a person as their primary care physician. Over the years, as both my own practice style has matured and the business of medicine has evolved, I have found that my commitment to providing high-quality patient-care, within the context of a genuine provider/patient relationship, is a standard that I cannot compromise.

Medicine is more of an art than a science. Each person has a unique personality with inimitable strengths, weaknesses and problems. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach that works for all members of society.

I have learned that patients are best-served when they have a doctor who knows them – a doctor who understands their needs – and if not, tries to gain a better appreciation of their situation.

As a primary care physician, I feel that it is my job to educate my patients about their unique strengths and set of problems. It is my job to work with each patient to explain my perception of their problems and offer them options based on my knowledge. In healthcare we call this concept “informed consent.” My role as physician is to foster a provider relationship with my patients and ensure that they are empowered to make strong health care choices from truly informed consent.

It is not my job to order the standard battery of tests to evaluate a symptom, but rather develop an understanding of that unique patient over time. When problems arise, it is my job to be available to the patient, listen to their concerns and then explain my impression and possible plan. In today’s healthcare market, ordering tests can be extremely costly. Thus, part of the job of fostering informed consent, is to help educate my patients to make choices between what tests and treatments are simply available and which ones are truly necessary for their given conditions. With experience, I have developed confidence in my abilities to diagnose most conditions with minimal to no outside testing. Basically, I see my job as a health adviser. I will attempt to give each patient the knowledge that I have developed so that they understand their condition, the possibilities of diagnosis, the potential “work-up”, the financial implications of the “work-up”, and the possible risks and benefits of any potential decision. The benefit of having Mequon Wellness Center is that as your situation changes, we will have the ability and time to reconvene to make any necessary changes.