Beauty is not something to be rushed. Many people treat waxing as an errand–something to take care of, instead of an experience that takes care of you.

Here at Bare Beauty, we take a different approach to hair removal.

Bare Beauty’s licensed, highly trained aestheticians, take pride in making your visit as comfortable and customized as possible, from consultation to after wax care. From the moment you walk into our glamorous, lounge-like space, you’ll feel at ease. And we promise you’ll leave feeling not only relaxed, but gorgeous, smooth, sexy—and safe.

Whether performing an underarm wax, eyebrow shaping, Brazilian or more, we follow strict guidelines to make sure you receive a hygienic, comforting service at every visit. We uphold the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection, and enforce a strict No Double-Dipping policy. That means that the same stick will NEVER be re-dipped into a vat of wax. We also pledge to use products with anti-bacterial and soothing properties to provide the most safe and optimal waxing treatment.

Treat yourself to the Bare Beauty experience!


In the first 24-48 hours after your hair removal service, the area that was treated may be more sensitive than usual. The following are tips to help you avoid discomfort.

Please be kind to your skin and avoid using skin care products such as cleansers or any topicals that contain active ingredients(i.e., alpha hydroxyl, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, retinols, etc.). Using these products immediately after may cause an adverse reaction.

Avoid ultra-violet rays from tanning beds and/or sunbathing. Always wear proper UV protection.

No sauna or steamroom for 2 days

Gently wash the area with an antibacterial soap in lukewarm water. Hold off on taking hot baths/showers for at least two hours. Use cold compresses if necessary.

Daily exfoliation is recommended after the first 48 hours to help prevent ingrown hairs. Your aesthetician will discuss with you the proper means and available products for exfoliation.



For one low price, get one treatment area for one year!
Purchase 12 months of Brazilian waxes (4 weeks apart) and get 1 month FREE!
$650 for a years worth of Brazilian waxes
$65 for single Brazilian
$50 for single Brazilian in THE WAX PASS


5 Brazilian Waxes for the price of 4
$260 ($65 savings)
$52 per wax with Mini Package


5 Brow Waxes for $100
$25 savings

Eyebrow Shaping: $15-25

Stomach: $15

Full Leg: $70

Lip: $12

Shoulders: $30

Bikini: $30

Chin: $13

Chest: $40

Brazilian: $65 & Up

Hairline: $15

Chest & Stomach: $50

Manzilian: $90 & Up

Arm Half: $30

Back: $55

Custom Bikini: $45

Arm Full: $45

Feet & Toes: $10

Full Leg & Brazilian: $120

Underarm: $25

Half Leg: $40

Buttocks: $40